Ithaca's coral reef programmes are rooted in a deep passion for environmental education, environmental conservation and love for the sea. All coral reef programmes are carefully designed and developed under the supervision of Ithaca's adviser - Professor Chou Loke Ming, Coral Reef Ecologist and Lecturer at the National University of Singapore. There are two types of coral reef programmes:


Learn and be awestruck by the beauty and grandeur of the coral reef ecosystem - one of the largest and oldest living communities on this planet. Coral reefs are the `rainforests of the sea'. Whether you snorkel or dive, the diversity of the coral reef that will astound, excite and leave you in wonder. This breathtaking multi-sensory experience is even more meaningful when it is designed and guided by some of the best and most experienced educators in the field. Through a series of indoor and outdoor classroom sessions and field experiences, you will come to know, understand and love the coral reef. Talk to communities who live and depend on coral reefs for their survival and livelihood. You will also learn how critical they are to our very survival on this planet.

Education programmes are typically 5-10 days in duration and take place in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand or Cambodia.


Learning through active engagement in community service. Students learn most effectively when they engage at a holistic level, analysing, planning and actively organising and working with the community in addressing commuunity based problems. Complex and inter-related environmental, social, economic and political issues are best understood through this platform. Most of all, students work side by side with local governments and communities in tackling these issues. A highly satisfying and rewarding way to learn about the coral reef ecosystem and the communities that live around it.

Service Learning projects in Singapore and overseas include:

  • conducting line transects studying and documenting coral reef diversity and health (data gathered will be submitted to the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (GCRMN) Database.

  • conducting social surveys with communities on ultisation of coral reef resources and lifestyle activities that impact coral reef health

  • designing and constructing interpretive aids and facilities for community based education and tourism

  • upgrading marine park facilities (boardwalks, signboards, photographic and graphic resources

  • developing and upgrading educational resources and facilities in communities whose livelihood depend on the coral reefs

  • designing, organising and delivering educational programmes (including hands on, practical, experiential techniques) on coral reef conservation for teachers and students

Ithaca partners Government Agencies, International and local based NGOs on its Coral Reef Programmes. The programmes are typically 10-21 days in duration. Should SCUBA diving and survey techniques be required, experienced and qualified instructors and scientists will deliver the training programmes to ensure that participants are equipped for their mission.


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