Environmental Education

Ithaca has designed a range of Environmental Education programmes that takes the students on an exciting journey of discovery to explore ‘Green’ (wilderness conservation), ‘Brown’ (urban and industrial environments that cover key areas such as pollution, waste management and energy conservation), ‘Blue’ (marine conservation) issues and their inter-relationships.

Ithaca is especially proud to offer the 'Global Warming-Climate Change' (GWCC) Module – an exciting, `hands on’, experientially designed programme that guides students through key theories, models, scenarios and issues involved in Global Warming and Climate Change. It uses Geographical Information Software (GIS) to make scenarios come to life. Students explore sustainable alternatives to help reduce carbon emissions, design and build sustainable appliances using renewable energy – mini solar vehicles, solar ovens, solar water heaters that gives them a sense of awe, challenge and hope for the world that they will live in. The programme is interactive, discussion based and FUN. The GWCC EVE Modules can be designed for 10-17 year old students.

The Tropical Rainforest' (TRF) Module takes students among the awesome giants of Singapore’s ancient rainforest – some 250 Million years old where amazing flora and fauna can be discovered. The TRF is the most biodiverse terrestrial habitat in the world where 60% of its resident species have yet to be discovered and where potential bio-resources abound that could treat diseases and solve the world food problem. The module explores the indispensable role of the Rainforest in human civilization from the time of the ancient Greeks to the 21st century – how civilizations have risen and fallen because the state of their forests. Students will get an opportunity to explore the TRF canopy, the middle and understorey to get a deeper grasp of the issues facing this fast-disappearing heritage. They will conduct soil and water experiments as well as get to see, touch, feel and listen to some of the flora and fauna of Singapore’s TRF.

'The Coral Reef' (CR) Module takes students into the heart of one of the oldest and largest living communities on this planet. Modern reef organisms evolved 200 million years ago and started building structures resembling modern reefs around 60 million years ago. Coral reefs provide food, security, coastal protection and livelihoods for communities throughout the world. The dibiodiversity of the coral reefs rival that of even the terrestrial tropical rainforests. There are two modules to choose from: the Education and the Service Learning. Through a series of indoor and outdoor classroom sessions and field experiences, you will come to know, understand and love the coral reef. Talk to communities who live and depend on coral reefs for their survival and livelihood. For a more comprehensive and holistic experience, analyze, plan, actively organise and work with communities which depend on the coral reefs for their livelihoods address their problems. In the process, understand how intricately linked socio-economic, political and environmental issues affect real life decisions. Design and develop marine environmental awareness programmes for marine park authorities and community schools. Where appropriate, participants will be trained to conduct underwater marine reef surveys. An experience of a lifetime!

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