Principal Trainer

Farid Hamid is a free lance consultant and principal trainer with Ithaca. He graduated from National University of Singapore with an Honours Degree in Law. Hired by Outward Bound Singapore, he led the revamp and upgrade of its Training Programmes, Instructor Training and Operations. He trained in Outward Bound Australia and Outward Bound New Zealand. He was hired by the Government of Brunei to establish Outward Bound Brunei Darussalam.

His Corporate Adventure Training experience includes developing and delivering programmes for Singapore International Airlines, AYALA Corporation (Philippines), PricewaterhouseCoopers, Van Leer, Otis, Brunei Shell Petroleum and the Brunei Public Service Department.

In 2000, he was Founding Director of Singapore International Foundation’s (SIF) Youth Expedition Project (YEP). Over 5 years, this S$15 Million project saw 9,000 youth embark on 380 International Service Learning Projects in over 12 countries in South-East Asia, China and India. He developed, designed and delivered the Expeditionary Service Learning (EXSEL) and Expeditionary Leadership programmes for YEP leaders, teachers and facilitators; developed projects and partners for YEP in over 12 countries. YEP was given the “Outstanding Experiential Education Community Based Organisation of the Year” award in 2003 by the US based National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE), the first and only time a non-US programme received the award.

Together with the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Farid developed, designed and delivered Diversity Education Programmes – the “Explorations in Ethnicity” and “Explorations into Faiths” series for the Community Development Councils and the People’s Association. He has trained over 56 facilitators under these programmes. In 2006 he was invited by the Asia-Europe Foundation and Casa Asia to Pamplona, Spain to facilitate the 1st Inter-Faith Youth Conference.

Farid has trained many Community, Youth and Grassroots Leaders of the Inter Racial and Religious Confidence Circles (IRCCs) and the Constituency Sports Committees in diversity awareness & management, risk assessment & management, leadership & facilitation skills.

Farid is a member of the International Year of the Reef 2008 and the Marine Round Table – a loose group of organisations addressing marine conservation issues in Singapore. He is Chairman of the “Blue Plan Committee” working with NGOs and Scientists to craft a proposed “Blue Plan” for Comprehensive Marine Conservation in Singapore.

Farid is an Academic Associate with the School of Sports, Health & Leisure at  Republic Polytechnic and also teaches “Multicultural Studies” at the National Institute of Education.


Geraldine Lee graduated from Yale University with a Master’s Degree in Forestry and Environmental Studies. She has consulted for Sikkim, India's Department of Tourism and MasterConsult on a Tourism Masterplan as an Ecotourism Specialist. She has also consulted for the National Parks Board and Public Utilities Board in Singapore, and with the Asian Development Bank in Indonesia as an Environmental/Ecological Risk Assessment Specialist and Forestry Specialist. She consulted and designed community forestry programmes and managed numerous community forestry projects in Baltimore, Maryland and Fairhaven, Connecticut, USA. She was involved in Climate Change Research (carbon sequestration) in Costa Rica. She is passionate about trees, forests, wildlife, wildplaces and conservation. Gerry was an Associate Scientist with the Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing & Processing (CRISP) at the National University of Singapore doing GIS and remote sensing research.

Gerry designed, developed and managed International Service Learning Projects at the Singapore International Foundation focusing on Environmental Conservation. She has taught/facilitated over 1,000 youth and trained 80 teachers, lecturers and educators in Cambodia, Indonesia, India and Malaysia. In 2005, Gerry managed SIF’s inaugural Singapore Executive Expeditions (SXX) involving 18 Partners, Directors and Senior Managers from PricewaterhouseCoopers in Bhutan.

Gerry is a certified Level 2 and 3 Wilderness First Responder and a certified SSI Rescue Diver with over 90 dives logged. She is also certified under the Register of Engineers for Disaster Relief (REDR). She has a powered pleasure craft license and she is competant sailor/skipper on a J-24 sailboat. She has been blessed with two daughters; the first is now aged 4 and the other born in June 2010. Her parenting philosohy includes elimination communication, attachment parenting, babywearing, co-sleeping, cloth-diapering, full-term breastfeeding and signing with her babies using ASL. Now Geraldine is starting on the adventure of homeschooling with her first-born.

Specialist Consultants

Prof Chou Loke Ming is a Professsor with the National University of Singapore's Dept. of Biological Sciences. He is a marine biologist. He directed & led the Tropical Marine Science Institute (TMSI) and was head of the Marine Biology Laboratory there. He is a Research Associate with the TMSI and the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research. He has consulted with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Australian Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, International centre for Aquatic Living Resource Managementon in the field of Coral Reef conservation & research, Climate Change & the Global Environment Facility (GEP).

Prof Chou is also a committee member of the scientific advisory committee on the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network, International Coral Reef Initiative. He is also a member of the Joint Scientific and Technical Committee for Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS), Health of the Ocean (HOTO) Panel of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, World Meterological Organisation, and International Council of Scientific Unions.

Prof Chou has developed and supervised International Service Learning (ISL) Programmes for Marine Conservation & Research in Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and East Timor in collaboration with: Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Kasetsart University (Thailand), Department of Fisheries (East Timor) & (Cambodia) where youth volunteers and students from tertiary institutions in Singapore and host partner communities jointly engaged in these projects between 2000-2005.


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